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A deleted scene from REVELATION

This short scene was deleted from the final text of REVELATION to keep the page count down.

There's a part where Japheth is secretly watching Dashiel through the window of his apartment in Babylon. This is what Dashiel's doing. It's an insight into his character, and it leads on to more hints in REDEMPTION that Dashiel has a problem with a certain type of woman...

It's a sensual scene, so cover the kiddies' eyes now...


On the bedside table, lit through the balcony window by the setting red moon, Dashiel's phone rang.

Dash groaned, and risked a glance at it. Lune. Perhaps the kid got his message about Quuzaat being the Prince of Blood.

The slender girl under him murmured in protest, and dragged his mouth back to hers. She crushed his hair tight, her naked thigh flexing around his hips. "Don't answer it. Just fuck me."

Her wet heat enveloped him, and he eased deeper into her with a shuddering sigh. Such a little creature, it amazed him she could take him. The top of her pretty blond-dyed head had barely reached higher than his elbow in the neon-dark jazz bar in Chelsea where he'd found her, six-inch heels and a Japanese silk dress, her scent a sultry whiff of laughter and practiced seduction. A sexy little minx. He'd had to pick her up to kiss her, and she'd wrapped her lickable legs around him and whispered dirty suggestions in his ear. He'd left Trillium in his element, sandwiched between a slender redhead in a black vinyl fetish dress and her sharp-dressed boyfriend, and Iria was already gone, a handsome blond gangboy with muscles and tatts and no idea what was about to hit him.

On the pale sheets of Dash's massive bloodwood bed, his girl looked like a tiny elfin princess. But she felt fucking good on his cock, and he needed to come down from the fight. He'd call Lune later.

Sweat rolled down his back as she moaned and rocked her hips to his thrust, her pleasure rising. She was smooth and eager, even if not really his type. Too small, too slender and fine, her curves girlish. A warrior woman, now, that was more his style, tall and statuesque, with proud breasts and rock-hard thighs, who could pin him down and fight him to get on top…

Dash groaned, swelling inside her, aroused by his fantasy. But he always picked the pretty, petite ones instead. Wouldn't pay to get too enamored. Fucking was meant to keep the nightmares away, not prolong them.

The ringtone fell silent. She gasped, quivering around him in release. "Oh. Yes. Ohmygod!"

Not quite, princess, but it's the closest you'll ever get. He swept her up, onto his knees with his arm around her waist. Streaked blonde hair spilled over her fairy-slender shoulders, and her eyes sparkled, ready for more.

"Mmm," she sighed. Her pierced tongue teased his, wicked. Her kisses tasted of champagne and female pleasure. "Fuck, that felt good. You're really something, gaijin."

He laughed, soft. She liked games. So did he. "Wanna see something wild, my pretty?"

"Uh huh." She gathered her hair above her head, flexing her thighs, expertly moving up and down on him.

He lowered his lips to her ear, pushing her down harder. "I can fly," he whispered, and in a sparkling shower of glory, he let his disguise rip away.

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